Ben & Bella Karaoke Show

Improve your child’s English with the Ben & Bella Karaoke Show app!

This lively and entertaining app offers you 3 original English-language songs, 1 of which will be downloaded automatically as soon as you install the app. You may download the other 2 with one quick click. In addition to the 3 basic songs, 6 others can be purchased within the app.

Each song is presented in a variety of videos, specially created to make learning the songs both easy and fun for your child: sing-along videos starring real-life children against an animated background as well as continuous and step-by-step instruction videos, in which the lyrics and their accompanying gestures are taught by a professional choreographer. The gestures that accompany the songs help to underline the meaning of the lyrics.

A karaoke function allows your child to record and then save his/her singing and combine it with a song video. In addition, a video recording function allows your child to tape himself/herself and thus become a singing star! Saved videos can be shared with friends.

This app also includes bonus animated video books related to the subject of each song.


Sing & Dance:

Let’s Learn- under this section the child will learn to watch and repeat dance steps, either by viewing the video of children dancing or they could view the lessons taught by the instructor. Another option embedded teaches the step-by-step method to learn the dance.

Karaoke- singing is more fun when one can view the lyrics and follow the music. The word highlight option has been synced well with the music for children to sing along. One can even take a video and save it in multiple options that are provided.

Video recording- this feature provides the option of capturing the singing and dancing video of oneself and saving it in multiple options provided.


Video Book:

The video book section comprises of a story format created, for children to know what the song means. Each animal enacts its part, which helps children identify the animals and their actions, and thereby understand the meaning of the songs.


Buy more

If one wants to learn new songs and dance steps, more songs can be purchased under this section for $ 0.99 per song.


Advantages of the App:

  • Children learn different dance moves
  • Children learn to sing
  • Children learn varied poems
  • Different expressions are picked up
  • Fully voiced over in English
  • Children learn names and sound of animals and birds
  • Child’s memory is enhanced
  • Learning is fun and never ending
  • Toddlers/pre-schoolers will find the interface simple and intuitive
  • Approved by teachers, parents and toddlers, alike the app focuses on simplicity and ease of use
  • Colourful high resolution artwork and fun music keeps children engaged

Children will love to create their own videos and save it in the gallery option provided in the app. Multiple videos in different formats can be created and stored in the gallery, which will serve as a good learning experience.

A complete entertaining and educative app which not only creates an engaging impact but also helps children gain knowledge. If your child loves to sing and dance then this is definitely the ultimate app to purchase.



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